WHO May Rename Monkeypox Over “Racist” Name

WHO May Rename Monkeypox Over

Names STOP Racism? – Look What the Government Wants Now

(RepublicanJournal.org) – Monkeypox is a disease that, until recently, existed almost exclusively in certain parts of Africa. This year, the condition sprang up in a number of European countries and the US. Policymakers have been working on public health recommendations and containment strategies related to the illness, but the World Health Organization (WHO) is also trying to change the name of monkeypox for reasons entirely unrelated to physical wellbeing.

According to reports, the UN-affiliated public health group thinks there are potential racist associations to be drawn from the name “monkeypox” and is therefore considering renaming the condition. This decision reportedly follows expressions of concern to this effect by some scientists. There is currently an online open forum where people can submit suggestions for new names for the disease.

The WHO has already rebranded two clades of the virus with Roman numerals, as officials felt the original monikers, which used geographical areas, could have led to discrimination. However, the agency reportedly cannot make up a new name for the virus itself. This authority rests with the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV).

Officials have noted that the name first originated in 1958, and best practices around the classification of new sicknesses have since changed significantly. The condition received its name because it was first observed in monkeys in a Danish laboratory.

Do you think this is a worthwhile idea, or is it just pandering to overly sensitive left-wing ideals?

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