White House Won’t Answer Question: Can Biden Survive Another Term?

White House Won't Answer Question: Will Biden Survive Term?

(RepublicanJournal.org) – Concerns have been mounting over President Joe Biden’s health in the wake of a recent trip and fall — the latest in a series of events indicating that perhaps the current US leader is too old to serve another four-year term. A Fox News reporter attempted to raise the issue during a White House briefing, but Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre wouldn’t answer the question.

The Fox correspondent brought up Republican candidate Nikki Haley’s recent comment predicting Biden wouldn’t live another five years, which would essentially mean his supporters would set the stage for Kamala Harris to lead the country. Jean-Pierre initially sidestepped the underlying question, citing the Hatch Act, which prevents federal employees from saying or doing anything that might be partisan and potentially sway voters. She added she needed to be mindful of the 2024 elections.

Jean-Pierre immediately shifted gears, discarding the original question and instead offering evidence from Biden’s “track record” that he’s still fit to lead. She cited “historic pieces of legislation,” claiming “he’s gotten more done than any other president” on that front.

The response then briefly shifted to attack former President Donald Trump. Referring simply to “the last president” and his work, Jean-Pierre claimed, “it was a joke.” She offered no examples to back the statement.

Jean-Pierre’s deflection returned her to a defensive stance with her insistence that Biden has worked hard on the issues that are important to voters, such as supporting Medicare, creating new jobs, and negotiating 2024’s bipartisan budget deal. She closed her response by quoting a Huffington Post headline: “After calling Joe Biden Senile, Republicans complain he outsmarted them.”

As sharp as Jean-Pierre’s answer might have been, it still didn’t answer whether Biden, already well past the average American male’s life expectancy, has the fortitude to stick around for another four or five years.

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