White House Report Claims More Immigrants Would Help Economic Growth

White House Report Claims More Immigrants Would Help Economic Growth

(RepublicanJournal.org) – As family size decreases and many parents choose to have one spouse stay home with little kids rather than spend money on childcare, the American workforce has slowly shrunk in recent years. The effects could slow economic development and reduce the number of people paying taxes, eventually leading to a smaller America. To combat this issue, the White House, in partnership with the Council of Economic Advisers (CEA), released the Economic Report of the President, which detailed how increasing immigration could bolster the US economy.

This month, Biden’s top economic advisors wrote in their annual report that federal spending on childcare and increasing immigration or immigrants’ ability to work in the US would span the current gap in the labor market. CEA Chair Cecilia Rouse spoke with Reuters about the proposal, saying, “necessity is the mother of invention.” She clearly sees a need for more working people in the US, and it seems her peers are now getting creative to make it happen.

Rouse also emphasized that to see the same economic prosperity we’ve enjoyed in the past, “we have to have all hands on deck.” The report also highlighted that making the earned income tax credit easier to claim could incentivize more people to return to work. It also stated that taking away “barriers to employment” for people who have been imprisoned could also boost the employment eligibility of people with criminal records.

While progressives continue to push for more immigration and free childcare, among other reforms, most GOP lawmakers stand adamantly against such proposals. Republicans claim that these proposed changes hurt hard-working Americans by causing them to pay more in taxes and compete harder for US jobs against noncitizens. As this hotly contested topic is split along partisan lines, US policy will likely reflect that of the party that has both the White House and Congress.

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