What About the Stuff Hunter Biden Didn’t Get Indicted For?

What About the Stuff Hunter Biden Didn't Get Indicted For?

(RepublicanJournal.org) – President Biden’s son Hunter recently struck a controversial plea bargain that will see him avoid going to jail for tax evasion and gun offenses. A lot of people are unhappy about that. There’s an even bigger scandal, though — all the other stuff he allegedly did but wasn’t even indicted for.

On June 20 Hunter Biden reached an agreement with federal prosecutors that would see him plead guilty to misdemeanor counts of tax evasion — even though the offenses reached the level of felonies under US code — and admit guilt on a charge of illegally buying a firearm. In return, prosecutors agreed to ask for probation as his punishment, sparing him any jail time. The deal has attracted a lot of criticism, with many people saying it shows a different justice system in action for the political elite.

Just days after the deal was announced, the House Ways and Means Committee released two reports showing that not only did Hunter Biden get special treatment on the offenses he was charged with, but many crimes he allegedly committed weren’t prosecuted at all. As well as the tax offenses he was charged with, which related to not filing tax returns or paying the tax he owed, there were multiple other cases of him either not declaring, or not paying tax on, his income. For example, in 2014, Ukrainian holding company Burisma paid him over $650,000. Instead of declaring it, he immediately moved it to a Chinese company run by an associate of his. That company then “loaned” him the money — and of course loans aren’t taxable, even if you don’t pay them back. Then, in 2020, celebrity lawyer Kevin Morris started paying the younger Biden’s tax bills for him. Again, the money came as “loans.”

Hunter Biden will get away with a slap on the wrist after failing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes. The reality is that, for years, he’s been shuffling millions of dollars around a network of friends and companies, and little tax has been paid on any of it. But, apparently because he’s the president’s son, this isn’t even being properly investigated, let alone prosecuted.

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