US Pentagon Unveils New Tech to Predict The Future Days in Advance

info wars

( – Our Department of Defense presides over the most advanced military in the world by some distance. However, it’s not enough to simply reach the top; defense experts must constantly innovate to keep us ahead of the competition to ensure America stays safe from foreign threats.

News of the Pentagon’s latest new tool has broken recently, and it sounds like something that would be more at home in a sci-fi movie than real life. According to an August 2 report from The Sun, the DOD’s newest artificial intelligence framework operates by analyzing massive quantities of data from undersea sensors, satellites, and cyberattacks. Known as the Global Information Dominance Experiment (GIDE), it predicts the actions of potential military enemies.


According to General Glen VanHerck, the GIDE is currently in its third round of testing. While its capabilities sound futuristic, the system actually relies upon tools already available to the Pentagon. VanHerck says if testing is a success, GIDE will offer the military extra “decision space” stretching to several days to predict hostile activity. He also claims the system will allow for “deter-and-deny” responses to threats, potentially reducing the likelihood of active conflict.

GIDE is far from fully operational at this point; General VanHerck used the metaphor of “building the bike while we ride it” to describe the testing process. Still, it’s encouraging to see our military exploring these cutting-edge ways of keeping America safe.

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