US Military Takes ANOTHER Turn for the Worse!

US Military Is Getting Weaker Still As China Increases Its Power

US Military Is Getting Weaker Still as China Increases Its Power

( – Some people might not realize America’s military is slowly deteriorating. Meanwhile, some of the biggest threats to the United States continue to bolster their military strength. Some of the top US military leaders feel China is overtaking its Western rival in many ways, a problem they declare needs to be fixed.

Looking Back To Move Forward

Admiral Charles Richard, Commander of the US Strategic Command (Stratcom), spoke at the Naval Submarine League’s 2022 Annual Symposium & Industry Update. He asserted the US needed to prepare itself. The commander noted the war in Eastern Europe wasn’t the biggest problem the American military needed to worry about, adding the country needed to be ready for worse.

The admiral described the Ukraine War as a “warm up,” declaring, “the big one is coming.” Richard stated it wouldn’t be long before the US was tested like it hadn’t been in decades. The Stratcom Commander asserted the military needed to undergo rapid fundamental changes in how it strategized national defense.

Richard explained during his speech that the level of deterrence the US had against China was slowly diminishing. He added that from a fundamental standpoint, China was outpacing the US and its implementing capabilities at a faster rate.

The admiral noted that in order for America to regain the advantage, it needed to look to its past, around 60 years ago. Richard explained that there was a time when the US knew how to get things accomplished at a more accelerated pace than what is done currently. The admiral declared America needed to think the way it used to when it took on a task, whether it was dealing with personnel or money or considering the risks it was taking. Richard asserted that was how the US was able to get a man on the Moon in 1969, and the country needed to shift to a similar gear moving forward if it wanted any chance at competing.

Increasing Threat

Admiral Mike Gilday, the 32nd Chief of Naval Operations, spoke at the Atlantic Council last month. According to Defense News, the Navy official declared that as Russia and China increased military strength, the US adopted a “fight tonight” mentality. Gilday noted the US needed to become more powerful and prepared for a conflict in the near future. The admiral felt readiness should be a top priority, followed by lethality and increases in the size of our Navy fleet. Gilday said that with China possibly eyeing an invasion of Taiwan, it was more important than ever to do all three.

The admiral’s comments came as the Secretary of State Antony Blinken claimed China had the potential to invade Taiwan on an accelerated timeline. Gilday mentioned that he couldn’t rule out the possibility of the Chinese Communist Party invading the island nation in 2022 or 2023, a few years earlier than the 2027 window Phil Davidson, the former chief of the Indo-Pacific Command and a retired admiral, had previously set.

It’s possible that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has altered China’s plan to take Taiwan by force. At this rate, the US might not be able to deter such a move.

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