US Military Doubles Down on Controversial Issue

US Military Doubles Down on Controversial Issue

( – A member of the Army’s 82nd Airborne set off a Twitter firestorm after he shared a tweet doubling down on controversial LGBTQ+ ideology. Sgt. Maj. Michael Grinston attempted to call out members of the military who engage in “discriminatory harassment,” defending “gender identity,” and calling negative comments an “opportunity” for a refresher on “unwelcome conduct.” The lesson didn’t impress everyone.

Grinston instigated the clash on June 16 when he retweeted a post from 82nd Airborne’s official Twitter feed that featured rainbow-embellished ads for its “Pride Month Observance Event.” The official message touched on Juneteenth before shifting its focus to Pride Month, using hashtags for both and honoring participants of the yearly LGBTQ+ celebration.

The US Air Force shared a similar tweet featuring the military branch’s insignia, a silhouette of a saluting soldier, and a Pride flag. The post stated that the department “proudly recognizes and celebrates generations of LGBTQI+ service members.” The Post Millennial suggested that the image of the soldier, which viewers could interpret as facing toward or away from the alt-left flag, appeared to salute it.

All of the posts received their fair share of backlash, but Grinston further fanned the flames by giving offended veterans yet another thread to slam. He reminded other Twitter users of the conduct expected from people in military leadership positions, as though reprimanding them. The sergeant major defended his stance by stating it was his duty, as a ranking military member, to defend against “abusive treatment toward others.” He added, “Failure to do so brings discredit on the Army.”

Despite all their boldness and optimism, the Army and Air Force each face concerningly low enlistment levels for 2023. Both branches expect to fall short of their goals for the year by about 10,000 people, mainly because interest among qualified individuals has hit a low ebb. Officials claim they’re doing everything in their power to turn those numbers around, but some people aren’t happy about the direction these branches have taken in the process.

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