Tucker Carlson Warns Biden Is Trying To Make Men Weaker

Tucker Carlson Warns Biden Is Trying To Make Men Weaker

Tucker Carlson Reports SECRET CHEMICAL PLOT Pushed By Biden

(RepublicanJournal.org) – Everyone, more or less, is now in agreement that the consumption of tobacco poses major risks to human health. However, there is significant disagreement among policymakers and commentators as to what we should do with this information. Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson disagrees vehemently with President Joe Biden’s latest effort to reduce the number of smokers in the United States.

On Wednesday, June 22, Carlson complained about a new effort by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to reduce the levels of nicotine in tobacco products. He pointed out that, while nicotine is addictive, it does not pose health risks in isolation. He went on to say it actually offers certain benefits, like increased mental acuity. The anchor even claimed cessation of the drug can cause individuals to suffer drops in testosterone levels and experience gain weight, though this is the exact opposite of what medical professionals would have you believe. Nonetheless, Carlson mused that President Biden would weaken men by depriving them of nicotine.

Carlson spoke to radio host Vince Coglianese during the segment. Coglianese pointed out that the Biden administration plans to get rid of nicotine, an arguably beneficial substance, while still spending federal dollars on crack pipes for drug addicts. He also speculated that the ongoing push to legalize cannabis was another effort to make people less alert.

Carlson wasn’t the only Fox News personality to take aim at the Biden administration over its efforts to tackle smoking on Wednesday. Sean Hannity slammed President Biden and the FDA over their plans to outlaw Juul e-cigarettes. Hannity went so far as to promise he would use a Juul live on-air if the administration carried out the plan.

What do you think of the Biden administration’s efforts to curtail smoking and vaping?

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