Tucker Carlson Says Masculinity Is Falling

Tucker Carlson Says Masculinity Is Falling

(RepublicanJournal.org) – Fox News firebrand Tucker Carlson has never been afraid to call it as he sees it. In recent times, many of his highly entertaining rants have focused on President Joe Biden’s various shortcomings as a leader. This week, though, during a discussion with Breitbart News editor Alex Marlow, he took a broader view, targeting the downfall of masculinity and questioning young people for their failure to make their voices heard.

Carlson thinks young people need to make a greater effort to be “braver and… honest” in their interactions with others. He said America was becoming a “Soviet society” that made people afraid to speak their minds.

He then turned his attention to the males of the species and wondered, “Where are the men?” He claimed the US saw a “massive decline in testosterone levels.”

This tirade isn’t the first time Carlson has railed against the trends liberalism has brought to our society. In April of this year, he questioned whether declining religiosity among young people was as positive a trend as people thought. He opined without the sense of meaning that comes with faith, “conventional signs of despair,” like drug abuse and suicide, would become more common.

Does he have a point?

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