Tucker Carlson Makes HUGE Callout – Comes Out and Says It!

Tucker Carlson Tears Into Biden Administration for Political FBI Raids

Tucker Carlson Tears Into Biden Administration for Political FBI Raids

(RepublicanJournal.org) – Since the Biden administration took power at the beginning of last year, Conservatives have increasingly complained about the weaponization of federal law enforcement agencies, particularly the FBI. Complaints came to a head in August when Bureau agents arrived at the Mar-a-Lago home of former President Donald Trump to serve a search warrant. Fox News host Tucker Carlson recently took aim at the administration, accusing it of using the FBI as a political weapon.

The Story of Paul Vaughn

During his monologue on Tuesday, October 11, Carlson shared the story of 55-year-old pro-life advocate Paul Vaughn. FBI agents arrived at Vaughn’s home, a residence he shares with his wife and their 11 children, in early October to conduct a raid.

The Fox host shared a video clip of the raid. In the footage, FBI agents refuse to share why they’re arresting Paul Vaughn when his wife asks them to do so.

The FBI arrested the 55-year-old pastor on charges that he and 10 others violated the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act by restricting access to reproductive healthcare when they participated in a pro-life protest at an abortion clinic in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, in March 2021. During his monologue, Carlson showed another video clip, this time of an exchange with police over their protest. An officer requests that the demonstrators “disperse” or move their protest away from the clinic and to a nearby sidewalk. They refuse to do so.

Carlson stressed that the Vaughns are devoutly religious people who do not intrude on their neighbors. The host noted that the Department of Justice is recommending an 11-year prison sentence for Paul Vaughn over his participation in the protest.

Other Examples of the Political Weaponization of Law Enforcement Agencies

Carlson then moved on to the story of evangelist Calvin John Zastrow and his daughter, Eva Darlene Zastrow. Both are ardently pro-choice and have spoken out against the practice of fetal termination, and the pastor has claimed that God will reduce abortion clinics to “a field of rubble.” Police arrested Zastrow at the Mount Joliet clinic protest in March 2021.

So, who is to blame for these seemingly unjust operations? According to Tucker Carlson, it’s the fault of Democratic officials like President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) because they designated pro-life activists as “terrorists.” He shared clips of Biden touting the need to protect “basic healthcare” and Pelosi defending “every woman’s right to make her own decisions.”

Do you agree with what Tucker Carlson said during this monologue? Have the president and his supporting officials turned our federal law enforcement agencies into political weapons?

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