Trump Sends WARNING – Tread Lightly!

Trump Has a Warning for Ron DeSantis

Trump Has a Warning for Ron DeSantis

( – The relationship between former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) was once warm, but the dynamics have grown frosty between the pair in more recent times. The change could be related to DeSantis’ apparent presidential ambitions. This week, Trump took aim at the governor over his support for Colorado US Senate candidate Joe O’Dea (R) in his race against incumbent Senator Michael Bennet (D).

O’Dea, who has repeatedly criticized former President Trump, announced DeSantis had backed him on Twitter alongside a recorded message from the governor himself. His endorsement cited O’Dea’s successful background in business and his opponent’s close alignment with President Joe Biden.

Later that day, Trump wrote on Truth Social that DeSantis’ endorsement of O’Dea was “A BIG MISTAKE!” This was the latest in a series of attacks the former president launched on the Colorado Senate hopeful. Many Republican insiders are reportedly concerned that Trump’s opposition to O’Dea is improving Senator Bennet’s chances of retaining his seat for the Democrats.

The attack also marks the most public showing of ill feelings between Trump and DeSantis thus far. The former president has yet to show support for DeSantis’ re-election campaign, but according to reports, the Florida governor also hasn’t requested the endorsement.

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