Trump Says Putin Was Provoked Into Invasion by Biden

Trump Says Putin Was Provoked Into Invasion by Biden

( – Former President Trump continues to be an especially vocal critic of President Joe Biden’s administration. The ex-commander-in-chief continued to express those same concerns during a recent press conference at Mar-a-Lago, where he accused Biden of inspiring Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine.

The Post Millennial shared a video of Trump’s remarks in an exclusive report covering his comments about his successor and the ongoing conflict in Eastern Europe. The former leader pointed out that there are two “n-words” people shouldn’t use, and one of them is “nuclear.”

Trump also stated that people hardly talked about nuclear weapons prior to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. He questioned why it is now a much more common topic of conversation.

Turning his attention to Biden, the former leader labeled him a man with “no mind left” who had not had much available to begin with. He expressed deep concern about the current president’s ability to negotiate on behalf of the American people, accusing Biden of convincing Putin to go to war with Ukraine.

Mr. Trump pointed to Biden’s comments prior to the Russian invasion of Ukraine as a core motivator for his remarks. In early 2022, the president vowed that the US would hold Russia accountable if it invaded Ukraine.

At the time, Biden seemed to admit that Putin’s specific actions leading up to the event would dictate America’s response. He specifically alluded to the fact that the government may choose to let a “minor incursion” slide.

Trump, during his recent public appearance, declared that Putin would’ve never invaded Ukraine if not for Biden’s comments. He explained that his successor’s remarks were exactly what Putin wanted to hear because they implied Russia would face no ramifications if the Kremlin only took a small part of the neighboring country.

The US has dumped tens of billions of dollars’ worth of money, resources, and equipment into Ukraine in response to Russia’s continued incursions. The likelihood for President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to receive even more aid from America in the future remains high, even now. In fact, Congress approved a nearly $45 billion support package that included a number of Patriot missiles just one month ago in December.

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