Trump Requests Emergency Hearings Over Deep State

Trump Requests Emergency Hearings Over Deep State

( – The term “deep state” refers to the idea that there is a secretive network of influential individuals that quietly directs government policy. These people allegedly dictate decisions that officially come from democratically elected politicians. Former President Donald Trump has referred to the dangers of the deep state in the past, and he’s now leaning into the concept heavily to further his campaign to reclaim the White House in 2024.

In a campaign video Trump took aim at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), claiming the federal law enforcement agency had worked to cover up details of the “Biden family’s criminality.” He continued by alleging this effort by the FBI had occurred prior to the presidential election in 2020, which saw Trump dumped out of the Oval Office by current President Joe Biden.

Trump went on to reiterate his claims that the “election was rigged.” He then claimed the effort to censor the New York Post story about Hunter Biden’s laptop (calling it the “laptop from Hell”) was “only the beginning… of the weaponization of government against free speech.”

The former president alleged government officials and social media executives had cooperated to smother a range of narratives, not just in politics but in terms of medicine, the media, and international relations as well.

He cited the evidence uncovered by the Twitter files, stating these revelations had made fighting deep state influence more important than ever. He claimed that in order to “restore free speech for all Americans,” his return to the White House in 2024 was imperative.

If the electorate agrees with Trump regarding his accusations of deep state interference in the media and political matters, the pendulum could swing in his favor when voters return to the ballot boxes in 2024.

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