Trump Reports Giant Coverup, Disloyalty

Trump Reports Giant Coverup, Disloyalty

( – President Biden had some tough words of criticism for his predecessor’s mishandling of classified documents — but now, he’s found himself in a similar situation. The former commander in chief, Donald Trump, recently declared there was a massive coverup surrounding Biden’s document scandal. The 45th President also went after a group that was once among his biggest supporters.

Trump’s remarks came during a recent interview with the host of “The Water Cooler,” David Brody, on Real America’s Voice. The host asked the former president for his thoughts on prominent leaders of the evangelical community, such as Pastor Robert Jeffress, and their decision to hold off on supporting him.

Trump declared the move was “a sign of disloyalty.” The former commander in chief noted the political world was rampant with the problem. He explained he’s done more for pro-life advocates than anyone, mentioning how he appointed three of the Supreme Court justices that helped overturn “Roe v. Wade.”

Brody then asked the former president about his feelings on the controversy currently surrounding Biden and the classified documents officials have found. The president’s lawyers originally discovered classified information at Biden’s old office at the University of Pennsylvania, and then they found more documents at his private residence in Wilmington.

Trump called it a “very sad situation,” adding that his position is different from Biden’s. Trump elaborated that he was president and had the power to declassify information, whereas Biden was Obama’s vice president, meaning he didn’t have the authority to do that.

Trump mentioned there’s a double standard in the Department of Justice as officials. He pointed to the FBI raid at his private Mar-A-Lago residence in Florida, adding that Biden’s legal team was left to search for the current president’s classified documents. Trump also offered criticism for his predecessor, declaring the documents had been Obama’s and asking why the 44th President had allowed Biden to take them in the first place.

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