Trump on Hutchinson: “No One Knows Who The Hell He Is”

Trump on Hutchinson:

( – Republican presidential candidate Asa Hutchinson made an appearance on “Fox & Friends” on May 30, demonstrating that he was serious about his bid for the Oval Office. He appeared to have gained just enough of former President Trump’s attention for the GOP contender to turn him into a talking point during a June 1 town hall speech in Iowa. Only, Trump’s point was that “no one knows who the hell [Hutchinson] is.”

Mediaite covered the speech, during which Trump highlighted some of his rivals’ relatively low rating numbers. On the subject of Hutchinson, who currently only has about 1% of the potential vote, according to Morning Consult’s GOP primary election tracker, the MAGA leader said, “I don’t understand what they’re doing.” He called the longshot candidate “Ada,” purposefully altering Hutchinson’s first name before poking at the Republican businessman’s notable lack of traction.

Trump also brought up Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, whom he referred to as “the one who’s second,” adding that his most popular rival’s rankings would likely fall to third or fourth place soon enough. DeSantis currently holds about 22% of the potential vote. Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s name also came up, with Trump noting the unofficial candidate only had a 6% approval rating in his own state.

Trump applauded the fact that the pool of candidates against him was growing — currently at 10 in the GOP alone — adding, “I don’t think it matters.” Other issues the Republican hopeful brought up during the town hall included the opioid epidemic, the border crisis, economic hardships, and the Jan. 6 death of Ashley Babbitt, whom he called a “great patriot.”

There appears to be no love lost between Hutchinson and Trump. The former Arkansas governor has openly suggested Republicans move on from the MAGA leader, according to ABC. He has implied that the GOP might be more effective in Washington if it brought in someone who hasn’t alienated so many voters.

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