Trump Lashes Out at Iowa Governor Publicly

( – Former president Donald Trump has blasted a Republican governor for not endorsing him. In fact, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds hasn’t endorsed any candidate for next year’s presidential election so far. When it comes to the contest between Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R), though, her preference seems clear.

On July 7, Trump held a rally for potential voters in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Over 2,000 people turned up to see him speak, but one prominent Republican was conspicuous by her absence — Governor Reynolds. Why wasn’t she there?

One of her aides told reporters she wasn’t invited. The Trump team apparently sees her as having a standing invitation to all their candidate’s events, but Trump himself contradicted that on July 10, when he slammed her for not endorsing his new presidential run and said, “I don’t invite her to events!”

Trump and Reynolds have a complicated relationship. She became governor in 2017 when Trump appointed her predecessor as ambassador to China. With Trump’s backing, she narrowly won the election that followed in 2018. In June, Trump told Iowa voters she wouldn’t have won without him, a comment that apparently shocked Reynolds. She had already won re-election in November 2022 with a much bigger majority — and without Trump’s endorsement. Although she’s criticized the Biden Justice Department for its relentless pursuit of Trump, she’s now a popular politician in her own right.

Although Reynolds has said she wants to remain neutral in the contest for next year’s Republican nomination, some observers think it’s obvious she prefers DeSantis. Although she’s appeared alongside several candidates, she seems drawn to the Florida governor. They’re reported to be on first-name terms, and friends say they have a bond formed during the pandemic when both battled to keep their states open and functioning in the face of federal pressure to lock down.

Interestingly, DeSantis has publicly praised Reynolds as someone who “could be considered for just about anything a president could pick.” Is that a hint that, if he wins the GOP nomination next year, Reynolds could be his choice for vice president?

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