Trump Lashes Out After Biden Doesn’t Attend King Charles III’s Coronation

Trump Lashes Out After Biden Doesn't Attend King Charles III's Coronation

( – King Charles III unofficially ascended the British throne in September 2022 after Queen Elizabeth II passed away, but his official coronation ceremony occurred only recently. US President Joe Biden was notably absent from the list of attendees. Former President Donald Trump recently met with GBN’s Nigel Farage to discuss what the MAGA leader is calling a “very disrespectful” decision.

Farage initially suggested that despite the president’s clear British heritage, Biden must not be a big fan of the UK. Trump felt the reason had more concerning roots. He told the British correspondent, “I don’t think he can do it physically, actually.” The current Republican frontrunner didn’t offer any specifics, instead noting, “he’s got a lot of things going, a lot of strange things.”

Questions have been circulating as to whether Biden is mentally capable of running for a second term in office, according to The New York Post. The publication pointed to a poll released by the Center for American Political Studies, which indicated 57% of the population has doubts about his mental fitness. Among those same respondents, 63% said they thought Biden was showing signs that he was too old to lead the country.

Still, Trump feels Biden should have found a way to make the event. “Certainly, he should be here,” he told Farage, adding, “I think it’s very disrespectful for him not to be here.”

Fox News reported Biden based his decision on the reasoning that no US president has ever attended a British coronation. Instead, he sent First Lady Jill Biden to represent the country. He also plans to make a state visit, having accepted a “special invitation” from the newly crowned king. The State Department has yet to set a date for that trip.

The Archbishop of Canterbury crowned their Majesties at Westminster Abbey on Saturday, May 6. Despite Queen Elizabeth’s dying wish that Charles’ wife be crowned Queen Consort, the once “commoner” now holds the official title of Queen Camilla.

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