Trump Knocks Disloyal DeSantis and Haley: “I Would Never Run Against My President”

Trump Knocks Disloyal DeSantis and Haley:

( – Former President Donald Trump announced his third bid for the presidency last November, but it took a few weeks for his team to hit the road and host rallies and speeches to boost his support. His campaign officially kicked off after he made a pair of recent appearances in New Hampshire and South Carolina. While rallying his support, Trump didn’t miss a beat decrying his potential primary opponents when speaking with reporters.

Trump was chatting with journalists on his plane on Saturday, January 28, when he called Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) “disloyal” for considering a 2024 presidential run. This claim is based on the former president’s belief that DeSantis would not have won his bid for governor if Trump had not been in office.

The 45th president also commented on his relationship with former US Ambassador to the United Nations and Governor Nicki Haley (R-SC), saying that he told her to “go by [her] heart” if she wanted to try for the White House in 2024. Trump then reminded reporters that Haley had previously said she would “never run against [her] President.”

With these comments, Trump is kicking off his campaign by going after some pretty big names in the party. While he is currently the only well-known presidential candidate, others will begin to put their names in the hat in the coming months. To do so, they must raise money and rally support for their cause — a feat that appears tricky even for Trump right now.

In an exclusive report, NBC News revealed that Trump was only able to raise $9.5 million for his campaign between his official presidential bid announcement and the end of 2022. This figure is notably less than the $11.8 million he raised between October 1 and his November 15 launch. The former president will have many other opportunities to bring in cash, including sending out mailers for a multitude of small donations and returning to platforms like Facebook. The tactics are known for pulling in substantial donations for candidates, so Trump could see much greater support moving forward.

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