Trump Is Promising a Wave of Executive Orders

Trump Is Promising a Wave of Executive Orders

( – As former President Donald Trump sets the stage for his 2024 presidential campaign, he is using videos on social media sites to lay out his platform. From ending the Russia-Ukraine war to lowering inflation, the 45th President has quite a few plans if Americans vote him back into the White House. He has just laid out numerous executive orders he would sign on his first day back in office relating to transgender youth and gender-affirming healthcare.

Trump Condemns the Left’s LGBTQ Agenda

On Tuesday, January 31, Trump’s War Room Twitter account posted a video with the former president delivering a strong message about his first day in office. With American flags on either side of the former US leader, he declared that the transgender movement is committing mutilation by providing hormones and body-altering procedures. He also called this form of healthcare an “act of child abuse.”

45th President Promises Numerous Executive Orders

The 45th president vowed to sign multiple executive orders that would immediately stop sex and gender transitions. This action would also ensure taxpayer dollars did not fund the procedures through Medicare and Medicaid, and it would allow patients to hold practitioners who have performed these gender transitions accountable in court.

Donald Trump also announced that he would ask his Department of Justice to look into whether the pharmaceutical industry purposefully pushed hormone disruptors on American youth to make a profit. Additionally, he would instruct the Department of Education to punish school staff members who told kids they were “trapped in the wrong body.”

Through executive orders, Trump says he would only allow the government to legally recognize two genders, female and male, that are given at birth. Lastly, he would strengthen Title 9 protections for women in sports and end the transgender rhetoric that the “radical Left invented.”

America Reacts to Trump’s Strong Stance Against Woke Agenda

Many people criticized the president’s message, including USA Today columnist Rex Huppke, who wrote that the presidential candidate is “dehumanizing an entire swath of humanity that we know has an inordinately high rate of suicide.” Others celebrated the fact that Trump wants to return the focus of education to “the nuclear family” and “celebrating rather than erasing the things that make men and women different and unique.”

As voters begin to listen to candidates’ opinions and decide who they want to see on the ballot in 2024, Donald Trump, should he win the presidency again, will be sure to clearly lay out his agenda.

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