Trump Drops New Ad Revealing 2024 Energy Plans

Trump Drops New Ad Revealing 2024 Energy Plans

( – Presidential candidate former President Donald Trump is getting quite a bit of coverage over just about everything he does. His latest campaign video, which he released directly to Breitbart News, details his plans to bring back American energy dominance if he makes it back to the White House.

Breitbart News shared Trump’s latest campaign ad on Thursday, February 9. In the clip, the 45th president attacks Biden’s energy policies, emphasizes the need for prioritizing low-cost energy in the United States, and encourages the younger generation of Americans to rally behind his cause. Trump acknowledges the need for better infrastructure, including “power plants, pipelines, grids, ports, refineries, and shipping terminals of tomorrow.” Only those projects deemed “worthy” will make the cut.

The GOP candidate also plans to use a group of “warrior lawyers” to eliminate “every unnecessary regulation” that slows US production of energy and products. This should, in turn, boost the economy and bring prices down once again.

With all of these promises, the 45th president is assuring listeners that he will make these changes as soon as he makes it into office. Continuing to use his “Make America Great Again” rhetoric, Trump promised Americans that between his leadership and the “liquid gold” in the US, people “will be rich again,” “happy again,” and “proud again.”

In the ad, listeners also heard Trump believes his policies can give “young Americans the chance to find real meaning in work” like they did during his first term in the White House. Similar to that first stint in the Oval Office, Trump would restore the Keystone Pipeline, remove the US from the Paris Accords, and prioritize US energy production. He contrasted these plans with the actions of the current administration, which he claims has offered “a gift to China” with our high energy prices.

This ad shows, yet again, President Trump’s clear agenda to put America first the second he takes his oath of office should he win reelection. But that is now up to the voters across America.

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