Trump Criticizes Biden, Reveals National Security Plans

Trump Criticizes Biden, Reveals National Security Plans

( – Former President Donald Trump released a statement on February 21 on Twitter, where he discussed the current and previous administrations’ “endless wars.” He blamed “Warmongers and Globalists” for the world’s current state and criticized President Joe Biden, who suffered mass disapproval over his decision to visit Ukraine on Presidents’ Day, for allowing the foreign conflict to occur.

The statement opened with a grim reminder that “World War III has never been closer than it is right now.” According to the former commander-in-chief, “We need to clean house of all of the warmongers and America-last globalists” to prevent such a disaster. He said he “was the only president in generations who didn’t start a war” because he stood alone and rejected “the catastrophic advice” of officials who only knew how to start wars, not end them.

Trump said Washington advisors and long-standing officials, such as military generals and state department members, had only sought conflict regarding Ukraine. He insisted Biden has “never made a good decision,” even according to “his own people,” and maintained that Russia’s invasion in Ukraine “would’ve never happened” had he been president.

The former president didn’t explain how he would have prevented the war but stated decades of bad foreign policy remain a major factor in the current situation. He pointed to his term in the White House, saying the country “made incredible progress” in putting America first and moving toward global peace.

Trump called his opponents “candidates of war,” adding he would become “the president who delivers peace, and it’s peace through strength.” Additionally, he said he bolstered the US military, turning it into a force to reckon with during his term, “and now they’re laughing at us,” pointing at the seemingly endless timeline for the conflict in Ukraine. He claimed appropriate US leadership could end Russia’s war “in 24 hours.”

Trump stated that now is the time to “complete the mission” of transforming Washington into “a very different place.” The former president contended he has plans for changes to “get things done.”

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