Trump Comes to Kim Jong-un’s Defense

Trump Comes to Kim Jong-un's Defense

( – Tensions between the United States and North Korea have grown amid increased displays of military strength by both rival countries. NPR reports that the most recent exchanges occurred when North Korean president Kim Jong-un ordered a test launch of an intercontinental missile on February 19 — a response to upcoming joint training exercises the US and South Korea planned to conduct. Former President Donald Trump defended the move, offering his reasoning in a recent Truth Social post.

Trump explained that Kim disapproved of his rivals participating in annual joint military activities, which he understandably viewed as threatening. The former president wrote, “He feels threatened.” Trump added that South Korea pays little to conduct the annual joint training exercises. Yet, under the Biden administration, US officials remain committed to defending South Korea against its northern neighbor’s often ruthless dictatorship, and the relationship between the peninsula’s once unified people remains unstable. explained that Kim believes he’s the rightful leader of all of Korea — just as South Korea’s president, Yoon Suk Yeol, feels he should be the man heading both regions. North and South Korea split after the end of World War II, a direct result of the country becoming occupation zones for Soviet and US military forces. The northern part, occupied by the Soviet Union, fell into a communist regime, while the southern territory followed US influence and established a democracy. They’ve been at odds ever since.

North Korea’s relationship with the United States has been rocky throughout the years, at best, but Trump only has words of praise for its communist leader. The two got to know one another during the 45th US presidency, and the former commander-in-chief said he “fell in love” with Kim during their exchanges. They reportedly remained in contact even after Trump left office, according to the BBC, and letters between the two men were among the documents the National Archives seized in 2022.

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