Trump Blames Whale Deaths on Offshore Wind Farms

( – Former President Donald Trump recently delivered a speech in Summerville, South Carolina, where he pledged to reverse President Joe Biden’s green energy policies and begin oil drilling once again in the name of energy independence. He slammed the administration’s handling of offshore waters, blaming whale deaths on wind farms and criticizing speed restrictions on boats.

Trump lambasted the Biden administration for recommending 10-knot boat speed limits along the South Carolina coast because faster paces allegedly make avoiding collisions with whales difficult. Trump compared the speed limit to a “slow golf cart” and claimed a boater was more likely to get struck by lightning than hit a whale while navigating the offshore region. 

He insisted the Biden administration was off the mark with its speed recommendation, adding that the move would demolish the state’s fishing industry and destroy local traditions. He vowed that “on day one” of his re-election, he would reverse the 10-knot limit surrounding South Carolina waters.

Only one whale has died in the past 50 years due to a boating collision off the South Carolina coast, Trump noted during the September 25 speech. He claimed that, instead, windmills were responsible for the deaths. The former president said offshore turbines were driving the animals crazy, causing them to swim up to shore in record numbers.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration disagrees although officials acknowledge that whale deaths have been on the rise. They point out that roughly 40% of the animal remains they’ve been able to examine have shown evidence of fishing gear entanglement or boat impacts. The rest died of starvation, parasitic diseases, and undetermined causes. The agency suspects global warming and commercial fishing, which attracts the whales’ prey close to boats, are among the most serious threats.

Trump promised that if re-elected, he would give the United States the lowest energy costs in the industrialized world. He said it would take only six months, but also a lot of drilling, to get there.

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