Trudeau Blames LGBTQ Resistance in Canada on American Conservatives

( – A massive LGBTQ resistance movement has taken hold just north of the United States. While the push against the controversial progressive agenda is also religious, its members aren’t Christians. Canadian Prime Minister (PM) Justin Trudeau has taken issue with the growing battle, which he blames on US Conservatives even though his protestors are primarily Muslim.

Christianity and Islam don’t see eye to eye on several issues, and their differences have led to serious clashes in the past. The New York Times released an opinion piece that noted the strained perceptions between Muslims and the religious Right, particularly after 9/11. Both faith groups do, however, share a moral code that shuns many of the progressive moves LGBTQ activists have tried to normalize. Like the resistance groups in the United States, those in Canada are composed primarily of concerned parents — many of which have used social media to spread their message.

Trudeau insists that Muslims in his country have taken a lesson from US Conservatives. The New York Post reported on the Canadian PM’s claims that religious people across both faiths have “weaponized” LGTBQ movements by exaggerating accounts or creating ethical issues that don’t actually exist. He acknowledged Islam’s “strong opinions” on the queer community but compared its members to his country’s Muslim citizens, who have also had to defend their right simply to live in peace.

The Islam community has fired back, insisting Trudeau and other Progressives have missed the mark. Resident Scholar of East Plano Islamic Center and Dean of the Islamic Seminary of America Yasir Qadhi published an opinion piece in Al Jazeera, defending his religious position. He writes, “This is not a political stance. It is a moral principle,” explaining that many people of faith fear being branded as homophobic solely for wanting to adhere to “family-based morality.”

Trudeau claims he must stand up for all marginalized people in his country, even among groups that would limit the rights of other Canadian citizens.

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