Trey Gowdy Says SCOTUS Should Not Decide Future for America

Trey Gowdy Says SCOTUS Should Not Decide Future for America

Fox News Star Says SCOTUS Should NOT Decide Laws

( – On May 2, an unknown individual leaked a draft version of the Supreme Court’s opinion regarding the future of the 1973 settled case “Roe v. Wade,” which took abortion rights from states and federally mandated access to all women. The possibility of the SCOTUS overturning the decision has sparked nationwide debates. On May 8, former US representative-turned talk show host, Trey Gowdy, weighed in on his show to say “five lawyers in black robes” should not be deciding the rights of women in America.

Gowdy said the subject of abortion and when life begins should not be subject to 50 different opinions across the country, but instead debated in Congress by elected officials who represent the people. He told his audience that “democracy is hard” while seemingly bashing the highest court in the land.

The former politician said the justices live in “virtual isolation” and are not elected by citizens to make such determinations. However, the Supreme Court, as outlined in the Constitution of the United States, is in place to interpret the document and people’s rights as it pertains to the words of the founding fathers.

At the end of his monologue, the former representative called for Congress to take the reins on the issue and not wait for the Supreme Court’s final decision. Are Gowdy’s beliefs surrounding the issue anti-Republican?

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