Top Group That Supported Biden Says He’s Going Too Far


( – Many people who backed President Joe Biden knew they were taking a risk. Some questioned his mental acuity. Others questioned his policies and talking points, many of which were clearly problematic on the campaign trail. Furthermore, the anti-Trump sentiment among Liberals had become so strong; people were willing to pick Biden despite these shortcomings.

Now, however, some of his backers are starting to realize the flaws in their logic. The American Postal Workers’ Union (APWU), which has more than 220,000 mail workers as members, expressed its support for Biden in June of last year. The group cited his track record with the mail industry, including his promotion of unions and his opposition to postal service privatization.

Now, however, the group is reconsidering its support of the president. In a statement, the APWU slammed Biden for suggesting vaccination passports might be introduced for federal employees. Earlier this week, the president said he and his cabinet were considering such a scheme. The union stressed that it opposed the idea of mandatory vaccines for its members.

Will the APWU be the last pro-Biden group to change its tune on the president? If he continues down this path, almost certainly not.

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