Tomi Lahren’s Claim About White Men Causes Controversy

Tomi Lahren's Claim About White Men Causes Controversy

( – Podcaster and Fox News commentator Tomi Lahren is no stranger to controversy. The “Tomi Lahren Is Fearless” host made a name for herself, speaking out against gun control, immigration, and other progressive movements and standing out as a vocal critic of “woke” policies. Most recently, she stirred the pot with a Twitter comment slamming the silencing of straight, white, Christian males.

In a May 30 tweet, Lahren claimed “everyone,” except “straight, white, Christian males,” has the right to an opinion. Her comment sparked waves of heated responses from both sides of the political aisle. One progressive user told Lahren, “it’s called the patriarchy for a reason.” Another simply stated, “Bimbos will be bimbos.” One responder, identifying as a straight, white, Christian male, accused the commentator of abusing their faith “to divide people” and “regurgitating far-right talking points” to gain notoriety and improve ratings.

Other users boldly defended Lahren. One said, “Preach on, sister.” Another tweeted, “Damn right,” while others shared memes of winks and applause.

Lahren has previously spoken against other woke causes like retail giant Target’s LGBTQ+ pride clothing line for children. She also blasted the company for supporting gender ideology topics in schools, claiming the “woke activist values” it has so stubbornly adhered to didn’t mesh with any solid business plans and would ultimately cost the corporation serious revenue.

Pointing to the conservative response to Bud Light’s delve into wokeness, Lahren insisted that such moves would start to cost it and other companies many of their customers. The podcaster added that conservatives were taking action: “It’s catching on now.”

Lahren took on Anheuser Busch after it participated in a marketing campaign that included praise for transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney, according to The New York Post. The Fox News commentator claimed companies had gone too far in their attempts to boost their “corporate quality index,” but stockholders would ultimately suffer over the decision.

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