Thousands of People Register to Vote Because of Taylor Swift

( – Music superstar Taylor Swift has proven herself a force to be reckoned with both on and off the stage. The young performer seems to have a special power with her words, even when she isn’t singing. She recently inspired thousands of young people to become registered voters.

On September 19, Swift posted in an Instagram Story, which only remains on the website for 24 hours, a shout-out to her fans asking whether they had yet registered. She reminded her follower base, the majority of whom belong to millennial and Gen Z age groups, that their voices were powerful. The country-turned-pop singer-songwriter encouraged all who saw her message to exercise that power at the polls this year.

Swift’s voice has been an inspiration from an early age. She performed the vocally challenging “Star-Spangled Banner” for the opening of a Philadelphia 76ers game when she was just 11 years old. Her family moved to Nashville when she was 14, so she could pursue her natural talent for country music, and she became the youngest person ever to sign with Sony/ATV.

Swift has been politically vocal since 2018 after she broke her publicly quiet stance to post about that year’s congressional voting on Instagram. She stated that she felt forced to cast her reluctance aside and speak out against Tennessee’s Republican candidate for the Senate, Marsha Blackburn, over multiple differences in policy. Swift’s public outrage against the politician wasn’t enough to keep the conservative from winning the seat in her notably red home state, but her influence may have grown since then.

Swift’s Instagram Story directed followers to go to, which has registration and election information for US citizens in all 50 US states. And although the superstar leans heavily toward the Left, as do about 55% of her fans, she encouraged everyone to vote. Roughly 23% of Swift’s fans are Republicans, and another 23% consider themselves independent voters.

According to CBS News, saw a boost of about 35,000 registered voters after she sent out her message. The increase reportedly included 115% more registrations in 18-year-olds than it recorded at the same time last year.

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