The FBI’s “Most Wanted” Are Mostly Leftists

The FBI's

The FBI’s “MOST WANTED” Is a Leftist Nightmare!

( – The Left would have everyone believe the greatest threat to America comes from gun owners, militiamen, cops, veterans, and all other groups it can label “extremists.” The FBI’s Most Wanted list of domestic terrorists seems to disagree. Much to the contrary, the roster of the country’s top public enemies is full of radical leftists.

The most represented on the list are members of the domestic terror group The May 19th Communist Organization (M19CO). Its participants committed offenses so heinous they’re still listed as the worst the country has to offer. Donna Joan Borup and Elizabeth Anna Duke are both wanted for their part in the collective crimes, which include bombings of the Navy Yard, War College, and US Capitol in the 1980s.

Several others on the list are black nationalists who managed to escape from prison and flee to Cuba, where there is no extradition. Ishmail Muslim Ali, convicted of eight murders, hijacked a plane and flew to the communist island nation, where he settled in as a schoolteacher.

The list is ripe with terrorists who actually committed crimes, yet the current administration — as well as its liberal base of supporters — seem to want to replace actual criminals with people whose only offense is owning an American flag or a red hat.

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