Teens and Children Attacked by Migrants in Germany

(RepublicanJournal.org) – Like the United States, Germany has become a hot spot for people from other areas of the world who want to escape war or oppression. Issues with migrant populations have reportedly grown over the past several years, and some residents believe crime rates have increased with their numbers. A recent report claims 20 young migrants went on a rampage, beating a group of German children.

The police report states that two children, aged 11 and 14, suffered minor injuries after being shoved to the ground and sustaining kicks and punches. The victims described the aggressors, who reportedly ran off in different directions after the attack, as having dark skin and being between 12 and 14 years old. Police are investigating a small group of adolescents and teens they found nearby, but they haven’t determined whether the suspects were among them.

Local news sources claim the violence has been a growing trend in Germany, with migrants starting the majority of open conflicts on the streets. UnHerd reported on the increases in problems during New Year’s celebrations, noting that 2023’s event exploded into chaos and led to 145 arrests. Only 45 individuals taken into custody were German nationals. The publication doesn’t fault migrants for the problem, instead blaming a system that is attempting to integrate large numbers of traumatized people, many of them young men, into a culture that is totally foreign to them.

Many asylum seekers in Germany have fled from Syria, Afghanistan, or Turkey, but the country has also accepted over one million refugees from Ukraine. The country rejects one in five asylum applications, but many people who are deported manage to find their way back in. Backlogs in migrant processing have also been an issue. Conservatives are calling for better security measures at their borders to reduce the number of unwanted migrants who are entering Germany illegally and compounding the problem.

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