Target-Funded Organization Quietly Pushing Agenda Against US Military

Target-Funded Organization Quietly Pushing Agenda Against US Military

( – Pride displays that some critics claim promote the trans agenda to children have prompted protests against retail chain Target. That’s sparked a backlash from people who object to corporations constantly pushing wokeness on them — but it turns out, things could be far worse. Target has been funding a nonprofit that promotes truly extreme, anti-American policies.

Like many corporations, Target has a “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” (DEI) program, and it became hyperactive since the 2020 death of George Floyd. Accusations of promoting “tuck-friendly” swimwear to children have already forced many Target stores to scale back this year’s Pride product displays. Now, Fox News has published the results of an investigation into what else Target’s DEI team has dreamed up.

Target’s Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, Kiera Fernandez, remains fully on board with the woke agenda; she’s previously told white women to work harder at pushing for equality. Now, it turns out, her team has been funding the NDN Collective, a South Dakota-based nonprofit that promotes critical race theory.

Among other things, the Collective is calling for the hand-over to Native Americans of all public lands in South Dakota. Indigenous tribes take particular offense to Mount Rushmore, which they claim was “stolen” and has become “an international symbol of white supremacy.” The group wants to close the popular monument to visitors permanently.

NDN Collective also dislikes the US military, calling it “violent” and “in the explicit business of taking land away from communities all around the world.” The organization is demanding the government render its military branches “demilitarized” — although it’s unclear what a demilitarized military would look like.

The group opposes Atlanta, Georgia’s, new police training facility, which domestic terrorists have also targeted. Additionally, It’s calling for an end to all US military support to Israel.

So far, Target hasn’t responded to the Fox investigation, although the NDN Collective has complained about the “right wing [SIC] attack.”

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