Steve Bannon Loses Ally in Marjorie Taylor Greene

Steve Bannon Loses Ally in Marjorie Taylor Greene

( – Steve Bannon, who served as an advisor to former president Donald Trump, still has supporters in the Republican Party. However, he’s just lost one of the most prominent ones. Representative Marjorie Taylor-Greene (R-GA) has made clear she’s done with Bannon and his remaining allies.

When MTG was first elected, she was a favorite of Bannon and others on the right wing of the GOP. Recently, though, she’s been moving closer to the Republican mainstream, and that’s been drawing criticism. She’s dropped some of her more fringe positions and become a reliable ally of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), even backing his recent debt limit deal. Some conservatives — including Bannon — aren’t happy about this, and they’re turning up the pressure on her. Bannon recently called for a “REAL MAGA” candidate to challenge her in next year’s Republican primary in an attempt to get her out of Congress.

Greene isn’t taking this lying down. In a June 2 text message, obtained by The Daily Beast to Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL), she said, “Steve and I aren’t getting back together. And if he keeps it up I’ll take the house and kids… I’m done.” The language was colorful, and perhaps influenced by her recent divorce, but the meaning was clear — MTG and Bannon are no longer political allies.

Bannon’s call for a primary challenge is getting some support. Right-wing activist Laura Loomer says she’s considering running against MTG. She complained to journalists that Greene had “told Trump not to hire [her]” and publicly called her crazy, claiming Georgia Republicans had been trying to persuade her to run against the congresswoman.

If Bannon’s goal is to pressure MTG into swinging back to the MAGA faction, it doesn’t seem to be working. She’s defended her voting record and insists she’s still popular with her constituents. Meanwhile, she’s still sitting in the House, and Bannon is looking increasingly marginalized.

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