Sports Illustrated Is Attacking Christians

Sports Illustrated Is Attacking Christians

This Leftist News Brand Is ATTACKING Christians

( – Bremerton High School Assistant Coach Joseph Kennedy used to pray alone and with his football team after games, but the coach lost his job in 2015 when parents started complaining about the practice. As the case awaits a decision from the Supreme Court, Sports Illustrated writer Greg Bishop published an opinion piece on the matter. He wrote about those who are for (Christians) and against (mostly non-Christians) Kennedy’s position, describing the fight between the two as “a war.”

In a tweet promoting his piece, Bishop stated some people see Kennedy as a hero standing up for religious freedom, while others believe he’s destroying the separation between church and state.

The Joe Kennedy Case

As an assistant coach for a high school football team, Kennedy liked to pray on the field after each game. Sometimes students joined him in prayer, and sometimes they didn’t. When he engaged in the practice in front of other schools, onlookers commented on how awesome it was that he was allowed to pray with his players during a public school extracurricular event. Unfortunately, some of the parents said their children felt pressured to join the prayer group, even though participation was purely voluntary.

President and CEO of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, Rachel Laser, said Kennedy was abusing his position of power and violating the Constitution by imposing his beliefs on others. Others say he had the right to practice his religion any time and any place he chose.

After losing his job, Kennedy took the matter to court in Tacoma, Washington, where a federal district court judge ruled against the coach. US District Judge Ronald Leighton stated the school has the right to prevent Kennedy from praying on the football field. Unhappy with the decision, he took the matter to the Supreme Court. With a Conservative majority in SCOTUS, it’s possible the high court will rule in Kennedy’s favor.

Bishop’s Assessment

In his Sports Illustrated piece, Bishop said Kennedy was an example of the division currently in the United States. He stated there is a religious movement in America and accused the “right-wing” of employing an “us vs. them” mentality — a timeless tactic. Bishop claimed Christian Nationalists are disguising themselves as religious freedom fighters alongside the ex-coach to push their religious practices using the Constitution.

Do you think Kennedy should be able to pray on the 50-yard line, or do you believe he was abusing his position at the high school?

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