Some Children Can’t Say Their Own Names After Lockdowns, Study Shows

Some Children Can't Say Their Own Names After Lockdowns, Study Shows

Serious DEVELOPMENTAL ISSUES Found In Children From Lockdowns

( – It’s no secret that many experts are worried about the developmental impact the COVID-19 pandemic had on children, particularly young ones. Lockdowns and mask mandates may have affected our next generation in a host of ways, and we’re still learning about the repercussions. Some worrying new evidence around this issue has just emerged.

According to reports on a new study out of the UK, the average child entering primary (the British equivalent of elementary) school is currently at a major developmental disadvantage compared to an average child of the same age in previous years. The study, which tracked the progress of its young subjects over a full year, reportedly claims that a large number of 4-year-olds cannot even say their own names.

Other issues the study highlighted include children’s inability to use cutlery, a general lack of literacy skills, and major shortcomings in terms of social development and ability to interact with others.

The study points the finger of blame at pandemic-era restrictions for this frightening state of affairs. One of its recommendations is that the UK government get more involved in family life, such as by providing a more comprehensive education for parents on how to support the development of their youngsters.

In light of news like this, do you think COVID-19 pandemic restrictions may have done more harm than good, overall?

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