Sean Hannity Dodges Question About MTG

Sean Hannity Dodges Question About MTG

( – The governor of Arkansas, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, set off a flurry of responses with one particular comment she made after President Joe Biden’s February 7 State of the Union Address. Among the ensuing snowball of reactions that came as a result, liberal media figure Geraldo Rivera posed a loaded question to Fox News Host Sean Hannity, but the seasoned anchor dodged it with a fierce assault of his own against the Left.

The Huffington Post reported on Huckabee Sanders’ fateful comment, in which she stated the American people were no longer contending merely with “right or left.” Now, she contends, “The choice is between normal and crazy.”

While appearing as a guest on Hannity’s February 8 broadcast, Geraldo Rivera asked the host how he would say that choice applied to Georgia House Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R). Pressing further, the left-wing guest asked, “Is she the new normal?”

The Left recently blew up social media with similar sentiments. The Huffington Post offered a long list of Twitter responses questioning the sanity of the Right, the majority of which attacked Greene for her numerous outbursts during the president’s address.

Hannity responded by turning Rivera’s question on its head and offering his thoughts on how Huckabee Sanders’ comment applied to its intended target. Specifically, he said the crazy ones in Congress were the “Green New Deal radical socialists.” He added that “there is no such thing as a moderate Democrat” on Capitol Hill — or anywhere else, for that matter. He pointed to policymakers who have halted efforts on the border wall, stymied domestic energy production, and pushed for defunding police.

Rivera attempted to return the subject to Greene, but Hannity reminded his guest that the “craziest” thing the Georgia representative had done lately was calling out the president on a blatant lie.

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