School Was Alerting FBI of Parent Activity, Report Finds

School Was Alerting FBI of Parent Activity, Report Finds

( – An Ohio school was allegedly informing the FBI about parents who objected to its teaching far-left ideologies. A new report says the school took action after two mothers started to investigate what staff were doing, but neither appears to be going down without a fight.

The CRT Controversy

Critical race theory (CRT) is an ideology that was developed by US activists between the 1960s and 1990s. It escaped from universities in the early 21st century and is now widely promoted by the far Left. The basic principle of CRT — which is based on the work of Italian communist Antonio Gramsci, combined with radical ideas about race — is that race is a “social construct” rather than a real thing, and racism is a tool used to assist white people. Other key parts of the ideology are that racism is a central feature of US society, racial equality is impossible and different kinds of oppression (such as racism, sexism, and homophobia) can “intersect.”

CRT has plenty of critics. For example, many legal experts dislike it because it prioritizes personal narratives and “lived experience” over objective facts. However, it’s popular among progressives, and it’s been weaponized as a tool to attack US institutions and push for radical social change. Many other far-left causes, including the trans agenda, are based on it. Queer theory uses the same basic principles as CRT but is applied to sexuality instead of race.

Since the turn of the century, an increasing number of US schools have been teaching CRT. Once conservatives realized what was going on, around 2020, a backlash began. So far, 16 states have restricted or banned the teaching of CRT in schools, and another 17 are considering it.

Parents Make a Complaint

In 2021 the children of Amy Gonzalez and Andrea Gross were sixth graders at Columbus Academy, a private school just outside Columbus, Ohio. Gonzalez and Gross became worried during the COVID-19 pandemic that the school was setting aside special funding for minority students. Then, they found that lessons were becoming increasingly politicized. One teacher told students he wouldn’t talk to anyone who supported former president Donald Trump. Concerned, the two mothers started asking the school for details on what was being taught.

The school pushed back hard. In 2021 both Gonzalez’ and Gross’ children were expelled from the school. Then, incredibly, the school administration reported them to local police and the FBI and warned faculty that they were dangerous extremists. The headmaster hired private security guards, allegedly to protect her against the women.

Gonzalez and Gross have now set up their own private school, and the first students will arrive in late summer. In the meantime they’ve filed a lawsuit against Columbus Academy, alleging the school intentionally inflicted emotional distress on them and violated Ohio consumer law. So far, the school is denying everything, and claims it denied re-enrollment to the women’s children because they’d made “false and misleading” statements about the school.

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