Scaros Says It’s Time to Stop Laughing, Start Fighting

Scaros Says It's Time to Stop Laughing, Start Fighting

( – There has recently been a tendency toward mocking President Joe Biden within some conservative circles. Videos and memes that poke fun at the president’s gaffes and verbal missteps circulate widely on social media platforms. However, one conservative analyst believes it’s time to move away from this strategy.

The Western Journal published an op-ed by right-wing lawyer and analyst Constantinos E. Scaros on Thursday, March 3 in which Scaros discussed the dynamics of US presidential elections. He highlighted that most Republican voters who disseminated and responded to content mocking Joe Biden would never vote for Biden or any other Democratic candidate. Most Democratic voters, on the other hand, would vote for Biden over a Republican regardless of how many videos existed of the president speaking unclearly.

Independent voters, then, are the most important from an electoral perspective. Scaros reckons these voters won’t be convinced to vote Republican by mockery. He thinks the Democrats are performing well enough, as far as the average apolitical voter is concerned, to persuade voters to back them again. Unless Republicans take the fight to Democrats on real issues, Scaros says, they could lose out in 2024.

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