Russia Promises Revenge After US Missile Kills Several on Crimea Beach

( – The United States has been providing Ukraine with munitions since Russia first invaded. The weapons and artillery have helped the war-torn country fight off its aggressors rather than simply fall to Russian troops. Lately, Ukraine has been using short-range missiles to defend its territory. Russia is blaming the US for a recent strike that has injured more than 100 people and killed at least five in Crimea.

On Monday, June 24, Russia accused Kyiv of firing an Advanced Rocket Missile Technology (ATACMS) missile at Crimea the day prior. Its officials then went much further than they have in the past, summoning the US Ambassador, Lynne Tracy. In a warning, Russia’s Foreign Ministry warned her that Washington was going too far, effectively “waging a hybrid war” against its country. Citing the numerous injuries and deaths, it issued a chilling statement that “Retaliatory measures will definitely follow.”

In a statement to reporters, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov told journalists to ask Europe and Washington “why their governments are killing Russian children.” Two kids reportedly died in the attack. He threatened consequences but did not go into detail, remaining ambiguous in his comments.

Russia also accused the United States of being the one to aim the missile and provide Ukraine with the data it needed to carry out the attack, a claim the Pentagon denies. Major Charlie Dietz, speaking on behalf of the Pentagon, made it clear that “Ukraine makes its own targeting decisions and conducts its own military operations.” The US also said that Russia tried to intercept the missile, which led to its explosion and shrapnel raining down on the beach in Sevastopol, causing the many injuries reported.

The US recently lifted some of its restrictions on the missiles, allowing Ukraine to use them to defend its own territory, including Crimea, which Russia unilaterally annexed in 2014. However, it still prohibits Ukraine from striking Russian territory.

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