Rufo’s Book Takes Aim at Far-Left’s Infiltration of Nation

( – If you’ve ever wondered how radical activists seem to have wormed their way into every part of our society and government, there’s a new book you’ll want to read. Christopher Rufo has analyzed the far left’s insidious campaign to reshape America. Now you can find out what went wrong.

For the last few years, Rufo, a senior fellow at conservative think tank the Manhattan Institute, has wondered why all our nation’s institutions seem to have been taken over by left-wing activists and promoters of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and other ultra-liberal ideologies. On July 17, he told Fox News he started looking into this after the 2020 George Floyd riots when it became evident that CRT spread widely throughout society, as evidenced by months of so-called peaceful demonstrations and riots. However, as he started to look into the causes of the violence, he found his search taking him back to 1968 –- the year of the Tet Offensive.

Rufo, a vocal opponent of CRT, found that leftist radicals –- an extreme fringe in the 60s and 70s –- had hit on a plan to take their ideas mainstream. That plan involved slowly moving into one institution after another, in a “long march” based on the ideas of Italian communist Antonio Gramsci. Once leftists had infiltrated each institution and brought them around to support their ideas, it could be used as a base to infiltrate others. Rufo found that CRT, along with gender theory and other leftist ideas, had been spread through America’s leading corporations. All these ideas came from American universities, and for decades those universities have contained academics who follow the teachings of 60s and 70s extremists. Those extremists patiently taught students their ideas; now, those former students run our corporations, government agencies, and legal system. Rufo’s new book shows how that was done.     

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