Ron DeSantis Wife Called “Walmart Melania”

Ron DeSantis Wife Gets Called

( – Florida’s First Lady Casey DeSantis suffered a scathing attack from a notorious left-wing media outlet after she tweeted a photo of herself in a custom leather jacket. The publication’s executive editor jabbed at DeSantis’ fashion statement by calling the governor’s wife “Walmart Melania” — and members of the Right aren’t impressed.

Ron and Casey DeSantis attended a charity biker rally in Iowa on Sunday, June 4, where the latter sported a black custom-printed leather jacket. The front depicted the American flag, and the back image combined a silhouette of Florida, an alligator, and the words, “WHERE WOKE GOES TO DIE.”

The Daily Beast’s Katie Baker waxed poetic in her attack, using all her purple, flowery prose to slam and compare DeSantis and former First Lady Melania Trump. The editor correlated DeSantis’ screen-printed message to Trump’s hand-painted question, “I really don’t care, do u?” worn while visiting caged children at the border in 2018. Baker opined that while the Florida governor’s wife’s message was “Crude. Grasping. Saying the ugly part out loud,” the previous commander-in-chief’s wife’s words reflected “a cipher whose eyes seem to betray an inner emptiness.”

Noting DeSantis’ bold slogan, the article went on to offer examples of “a lot of other people” who have died among “the woke” in Florida. Baker listed Florida’s high death rates during the governor’s anti-masking crusade, the mass shooting in Orlando at the Pulse LGBTQ+ nightclub, the Rosewood massacre, and the state’s history of lynch mobs during the Jim Crow era. She added, “of course,” none of Florida’s children would learn about such pieces of history if “DeSantis and his cronies” have their way.

Conservative podcaster Megyn Kelly slammed the article during her June 7 episode, calling Baker’s added attacks against Gov. DeSantis “all lies.”

Kelly read numerous excerpts from the article on air with dramatic flair, commenting with a smirk, “I gotta keep going […] it’s just so good.” She and her guest, Jesse Kelly, agreed that The Daily Beast’s treatment of Florida’s first couple was merely par for the course regarding the Left’s approach to Republican first ladies.

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