Ron DeSantis’ True Power Hasn’t Been Tested Yet

Ron DeSantis' True Power Hasn't Been Tested Yet

( – There is currently a huge amount of hype around Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R), with many people citing his potential presidential credentials. At this point, many analysts view him as the most likely winner of the GOP nomination for the presidential race in 2024. Despite that, not everyone is convinced. A recent report from 1945 highlighted a number of potential issues with the Florida leader that could stand against him if he chooses to run for the presidency.

Is Ron DeSantis Everything They Say He Is?

Given former President Donald Trump’s many difficulties in 2022, compared with the seemingly endless successes of DeSantis, many people now view the latter as the frontrunner for the Republican nomination for the next White House race. Though, as the 1945 article notes, getting your nose in the lead this early in a presidential election campaign can be a curse rather than a blessing. It noted the example of Jeb Bush, who began the 2016 campaign as the favorite to win the GOP nomination before losing to Trump.

Another major issue is Trump himself. Although there are a lot of divisive issues surrounding him at the moment, numerous polls still show him as the leader in the Republican race, and DeSantis could have a tough time getting past him if he chooses to try.

What Advantages Does DeSantis Have?

Despite the question marks hanging over his potential campaign, Governor DeSantis has some undeniably attractive qualities that could make him a highly competent presidential candidate.

For one thing, he has a talent for speaking out unabashedly on the topics that matter most to conservatives. In 2020, for example, he was insistent that he would not subject people in his state to certain mandates. He has also ferociously resisted liberal attempts to instruct young children on LGBTQ topics in the classroom, at least as far as schools in his state of Florida are concerned.

Another factor that will work in his favor is that DeSantis espouses a lot of the same policies and positions as former President Trump. Even more, he isn’t directly attached to the numerous controversies that have hurt the 45th president’s electability.

For now, the debate around Ron DeSantis as our potential next commander in chief remains academic, as he refuses to say whether or not he intends to run. Even so, as we get closer and closer to the Republican primaries, you can expect to see his name arise more often.

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