Ron DeSantis To Use “Armor Of God” in New Stand Against the Left

Ron DeSantis To Use

Ron DeSantis To Use GOD in New Strategy Against the Left

( – As the presidential election of 2024 inches closer, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) is noticeably increasing the frequency of his appearances on the national stage. He’s also continuing his long-running criticism of the policies of President Joe Biden. The popular governor recently slammed the president’s approach to the energy price crisis during a speech at the Sunshine Summit’s Victory Dinner on Saturday, July 23.

During the address, DeSantis went after Biden over the latter’s methods of leadership. In one memorable line, he implored conservatives to “put on the full armor of God” when facing criticism from liberals. He stated right-wingers would continue to face opposition from the Left, but the “shield of faith” would offer them protection.

DeSantis was especially critical of Biden’s policy of suppressing America’s domestic energy production industry. He highlighted the fact that the president had recently traveled to Saudi Arabia to plead with leaders there to up their oil exports in a bid to lower energy costs for American consumers and businesses. The Florida leader questioned why, instead of pursuing this strategy, Biden would not exploit “opportunities… to be energy independent.”

Do you think Ron DeSantis has the right idea when it comes to Joe Biden and his leadership strategies?

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