Ron DeSantis Secretly Offered Libs of TikTok Creator His Home

Ron DeSantis Secretly Offered Libs of TikTok Creator His Home

( – Libs of TikTok began posting controversial videos on March 8, 2022, but its owner remained safely behind the account’s veil until an April 19 doxxing revealed her personal information. Since then, creator Chaya Raichik has endured hateful backlash, leaving the online activist potentially unsafe. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R), whose ideological views on the LGBTQ+ community mesh closely with those of the social media personality, reportedly offered her a safe place to stay in response to the attack.

Washington Post writer Taylor Lorenz dropped a bombshell when she published the April article. She revealed the Libs of TikTok account had started under the handle @shaya69830552 in November 2020. The journalist also shared other previous handle names while chastising the social media icon for her stances on openly gay school teachers, the trans community, and QAnon conspiracies. The journalist revealed details along with Raichik’s full name, including that the poster worked in real estate, resided in Brooklyn, and was an Orthodox Jew.

Raichik recently joined “Tucker Carlson Today” for her first formal interview, during which she shared about the threats she’s received since her identity became public knowledge. The conservative poster added that DeSantis, concerned for her safety, secretly offered her a safe haven in his guest house for as long as the need remained. She reported how the kind gesture nearly moved her to tears.

And whereas Raichik’s opponents might have hoped the doxxing would deter the social media sensation from continuing her efforts, going public appears to have fueled her fire. She says she’s “ready for the next step,” according to BuzzFeed, and plans to remain as outspoken as ever.

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