Ron DeSantis Says Biden Is Giving a “Blank Check” to Ukraine

Ron DeSantis Says Biden Is Giving a

( – Russia’s war in Ukraine has persisted for nearly a year, and the United States has sent close to $200 billion to assist the defending country. With no end in sight, some Americans are starting to wonder how much of a difference our aid has made in the overall conflict — and how much more it might cost to end it. Ron DeSantis recently told Fox News the “blank check policy” Biden is offering Ukraine is “not acceptable.”

DeSantis’ prime concern is China, which he views as America’s real threat. He believes Russia has proven itself an ineffective military power during the past year, one that would hold little might over US forces in a head-to-head battle. He also feels America is wasting resources picking sides in what he says essentially amounts to a petty squabble for the former Soviet Union’s borderlands. The popular Florida governor believes the Biden administration has fed Americans unfounded fears about Russia “steamrolling” through NATO countries and claiming territory after territory.

The nation’s continued involvement could spell disaster in other ways. DeSantis inferred the Biden administration’s actions are skating the razor’s edge over a “proxy war with China” — a country even NATO agrees is a potential threat. Given the tensions that have grown due to the Biden administration’s stance on Taiwan, the continued US intervention against Russia — one of China’s allies — could tempt fate a little too much and push everyone into an even greater conflict.

DeSantis raised his concerns as China sent a top diplomat to Russia possibly to discuss their own war support efforts. Fox News reported that Wang Yi, the director of China’s Office of Foreign Affairs, could soon meet with President Vladimir Putin. While leaders of the Asian superpower expressed anger regarding US accusations it was planning on backing the Kremlin’s war, insisting they seek a peaceful resolution, they didn’t outright deny intentions to supply their ally with additional weapons.

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