Ron DeSantis Responds to Attacks Against His Wife

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) has hit back after liberal journalists launched a vile attack on his wife. Casey DeSantis has been a strong supporter of her husband’s political career. The popular governor and 2024 presidential candidate says the left sees her as a threat.

On July 8, former congressman David Jolly (R-FL, 2014-17) appeared on MSNBC’s “The Saturday Show” and discussed his state’s governor and first lady. He told the panel that while many see Mrs. DeSantis as the “brighter side” of the couple, “for many others, she’s become America’s Karen.” He added, “It doesn’t matter if it’s presented in heels or boots; the DeSantis doctrine is a losing one.”

“Karen” is an insult aimed at middle-aged white women, but MSNBC’s panel greeted Jolly’s insult with laughter. Jonathan Capeheart said the comment took his breath away, while Tara Setmayer piled on and said the “Serena Waterford wannabe” should “stop measuring the drapes at the White House.”

On July 10, Governor DeSantis spoke to Fox’s Stuart Varney about the attack on his wife. He told the host his wife was “an incredibly strong first lady of Florida” as well as a great spouse and parent, “and that threatens the left.” He said his wife is a powerful advocate for children and families, and Liberals are worried that she’s getting her message across.

DeSantis, who right now is the only real rival to former President Donald Trump for next year’s Republican presidential nomination, went on to say that he and his wife shrug off criticism from Liberals and take abuse from MSNBC as “a badge of honor.” He said it isn’t just Republican parents who are listening to his wife’s messages about the importance of parental responsibility, but independent and Democrat ones too. Is Mrs. DeSantis suddenly facing all this left-wing flak because she’s right over the target? Her husband certainly thinks so.

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