Ron DeSantis on Gavin Newsom: “People Vote With Their Feet”

Ron DeSantis on Gavin Newsom:

( – Partisan differences have the United States feeling more fractured than ever, and the divide between liberal California and conservative Florida has created a growing feud between their two leaders. Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) recently dared to compare their two economies, declaring that the Golden State’s is the “fastest growing” and Florida’s “doesn’t even come close,” according to Fox News. Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) fired back, highlighting his rival state’s “hemorrhaging population” and warning the California governor that “[p]eople vote with their feet.”

Govs. DeSantis and Newsom have helped to define the “Right” and “Left” by coastline, with each state taking its dominant party’s ideology to new extremes. In early June, as per The New York Times, Florida’s Governor reportedly facilitated the relocation of roughly three dozen asylum seekers from Latin America to Sacramento, California. Newsom responded by threatening DeSantis with kidnapping charges and insisting on investigating the matter.

The governors have taken turns jabbing at one another for some time, with Newsom attacking DeSantis over many of his conservative policies — and vice-versa. Major talking points have included their differences regarding guns, education, and abortion. One of Newsom’s most recent moves included an attempt to undermine his rival’s leadership by targeting publishers of social studies textbooks and demanding they explain any changes they made to accommodate DeSantis’ war on all things “woke.”

DeSantis recently took on Newsom on the liberal’s home turf by making multiple stops in the Golden State and slamming its leadership as “a disaster.” He described California’s cities as riddled with homeless populations and its streets littered with “needles and feces.”

Political analysts have described the relationship between the two governors as beneficial for both parties despite the low blows coming from each side. The Associated Press noted that each appeared to be growing his support base with his efforts, using the momentum to boost fund-raising efforts and expand brands.

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