Robert Kennedy Jr. Reveals Key Detail About Food Supply

Robert Kennedy Jr Reveals Key Detail About Food Supply

( – Robert F Kennedy Jr. is challenging President Biden for next year’s Democratic nomination, and he’s working hard to separate himself from the current administration’s leftist agenda. Now, he’s calling attention to the dangers of illegal immigration. In the process, he’s highlighted an issue that surprises most people.

In early June, Kennedy visited our southern border to see for himself the impact Biden’s open borders policy was having. During his tour, he met farmers in Yuma County, Arizona and discovered that the flood of illegal immigrants across the border is putting our food supply in danger.

Between November and April, Yuma County supplies 90% of the leafy green vegetables sold in the US with its mild winters and long growing season. The county’s agricultural industry is an essential part of our economy, and it’s Arizona’s leading crop producer by dollar value. It’s also vital to our food security. Unfortunately, with thousands of illegals crossing the county during their journey into the US, it’s now in danger.

Farmers told Kennedy that the immigrants cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to crops as they walk across fields. Even worse, they also use irrigation trenches as latrines, contaminating water supplies with feces. One farmer said he had to run a plow over 88 acres of broccoli after migrants fouled the irrigation water, leaving him with a financial loss of $880,000. With inflation still a problem, food shortages are the last thing American families need to push up the price of vegetables.

On top of the damage to farms, illegal immigration also harms the quality of life in the border states. The demand for housing is rising fast, increasing real estate costs and pricing many locals out of the market. Medical services are also under pressure; Kennedy said American women must sometimes delay deliveries because pregnant migrants have overrun hospitals.

Kennedy said the Biden administration has “let its relationship with Mexico and the Central American countries deteriorate” and called for cooperative agreements with those countries to reduce immigration. The Trump administration had several similar pacts, but Biden reneged on them. Now, even his fellow Democrats are realizing how badly Biden has messed up border security.

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