McDonald’s Faces Yet Another Hot Coffee Lawsuit

( – McDonald’s famously paid out several hundred thousand dollars to resolve a highly publicized product liability lawsuit in 1995. A 79-year-old woman sued the company after she suffered third-degree burns after spilling coffee on her lap. She spent eight days in the hospital, where she received skin grafts and endured two years of medical […]

Ray Epps Charged for J6 Involvement

( – Ray Epps is a former US Marine and one-time president of the Arizona Oath Keepers. Videos circulated on social media platforms showing him urging participants of the January 6 riot to “peacefully” enter the Capitol Building. Several months later, Revolver published an article accusing him of being an FBI agent, stressing that law […]

FDA Refuses to Change Statements on Ivermectin

( – A court has ruled that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was wrong to tell Americans not to use ivermectin during the global pandemic. However, the agency is refusing to withdraw its advice. Now it could be up to another court to order it to take action. On September 1, the US Fifth […]

The UAW Strike Isn’t Just About the Big Three

( – On September 15, United Auto Workers (UAW) union members launched their historic strike against Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis. UAW officials are asking for double-digit pay increases, shorter work weeks, and improved benefits. However, as Breitbart News recently reported, the strike represents a protest against President Joe Biden’s economic failures as well as […]

174-Year-Old Ban on Abortion Ends in Wisconsin

( – Planned Parenthood is going to restart abortions in Wisconsin after a pause of more than a year. The organization suspended its operations in the state last year after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade because a state law banned the procedure. Now a court has ruled that law doesn’t apply to consensual […]

Trump Blasts DOJ Over Hunter Biden Indictment

( – After more than five years, it finally happened. Hunter Biden is finally facing criminal charges. On September 14, Special Counsel David C. Weiss filed a true bill of indictment from the Grand Jury for the District of Delaware, charging President Joe Biden’s son with three felonies related to lying about his drug addiction […]

Court Rules Against CA Gun Advertisement Law

( – California lawmakers thought they’d found a clever new way to sneak in gun control by the back door — instead of stopping people from owning guns, they’d stop manufacturers from advertising them. Unfortunately for them, a federal court just shot down their new law. It turns out you can’t attack Second Amendment rights […]

Paxton’s Mistress Will Not Be Called to Testify

( – The Texas House of Representatives voted to impeach Attorney General Warren “Ken” Paxton on May 27. The nine-page resolution contained 20 articles of impeachment on various accusations, including obstruction of justice, disregarding official duty, dereliction of duty, and bribery. Paxton’s Senate trial began on September 5, amid rumors his mistress, Laura Olson, would […]

14-Day Manhunt Leads to Capture of Escaped Killer in PA

( – Danilo Souza Cavalcante fled to the United States from his native Brazil in early 2019 after local prosecutors issued an arrest for him related to allegations he shot and killed a college student. On August 23, a Chester County, Pennsylvania, judge sentenced him to life in prison without the possibility of parole for […]

Tesla Plans to Source More Parts from India

( – India’s trade minister says US electric car maker Tesla is planning to almost double the amount of parts it buys from his country, a decision that’s probably linked to the company’s efforts to open a factory in the country. Tesla could be hoping that giving Indian manufacturers a bigger share of production could […]

Adams Complains Migrant Crisis Is Destroying NYC

( – As illegal immigrants continue flooding into the Big Apple, an increasingly desperate Mayor Eric Adams (D) claims they’re destroying the city. The mayor says he can’t see an end to the influx of migrants, and blaming everyone else for the situation isn’t helping. The Biden administration’s failure to secure the border is now […]

State Lawmakers Weigh in on US Medical Debt Burden

( – US presidents and Washington lawmakers have been struggling with passing a functional form of national healthcare for generations. Congress passed the Affordable Care Act of 2010, but to say that bill has turned out to be a disappointment would be a grave understatement. Many working-class American families find themselves one serious illness away […]

EPA Begins Removing Toxins on Maui

( – A month after wildfires devastated much of the Hawaiian island of Maui, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has begun the cleanup. The burned area is littered with toxic materials that need to be removed before rebuilding can start. It could be a long and expensive process. On September 7, The Epoch Times reported […]

Trump Jr. Believes His Father Is a Threat to Democrats and the Deep State

( – It’s fair to say no former president evokes as much hatred from the Left as Donald Trump. Now his son has shared his thoughts on why that is. He says his father is a threat to the Democrats, the Deep State, and the “uniparty.” On August 29, Donald Trump, Jr appeared on Newsmax […]

Justice Department Expects Hunter’s Gun Indictment This Month

( – On August 11, Attorney General Merrick Garland announced the appointment of US Attorney David Weiss as special counsel in the ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden’s alleged illegal activities. He has been investigating Joe Biden’s son for allegations he committed tax fraud and peddled his father’s influence as vice president to overseas energy companies […]

Rand Paul Slams Kentucky Governor for Allowing Youth Gender Surgeries

( – Kentucky’s Republican Senator Rand Paul, M.D., is one of the country’s leading advocates for constitutional liberties. He’s gone toe-to-toe with Dr. Anthony Fauci, the former head of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases, for his role in the government funding of gain of function research in Wuhan, China. Most recently, he […]

Ford Under Fire for Agreement With Chinese Battery Maker

( – One of America’s oldest car companies is under fire after signing a deal with a Chinese company. Ford has a licensing agreement with the world’s largest maker of electric vehicle (EV) batteries — but some Republican lawmakers are worried it’s a national security risk. In February, Ford announced it’s building a new battery […]

Government Buildings Are 75% Empty — What a Waste

( – The federal government owns over half a billion square feet of office space. Executive branch agencies spend roughly $2 billion annually maintaining those properties regardless of occupancy status. Stunningly, a recent report published by the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) indicated that several agencies only used 25% capacity of several headquarter buildings, creating […]

IRS Continues to Buy Submachine Guns — But Why?

( – It’s fair to say the IRS has never been the most popular office in the federal government, but that’s mainly because it collects our taxes. Physically, it should be fairly inoffensive; after all, it’s basically an agency of accountants. Or is it? Under the current administration, the IRS is buying alarming quantities of […]

Violence Featuring Juvenile Gangs Spreads Across Country

( – In recent weeks US cities have been swept by violence involving mobs of teenagers. In one incident a mall had to be evacuated after a large group of juveniles started a fight; in the others shots were fired and someone was stabbed. Why are these violent incidents happening? Late afternoon on August 27, […]

Highway Angel Saves 15 Children From Traffickers

( – The Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) launched its Highway Angel program in 1997 to recognize truck drivers who exhibited “exemplary courtesy and courage” while traveling the nation’s highways and byways. The association recently recognized a driver as an Angel after he helped save around 15 children from traffickers. The TCA recently posted a press […]

Jamie Cail’s Family Says Her Death Was Not an Accident

( – In August, a police probe into the death of former swimming champion Jamie Cail ruled that she died of a fentanyl overdose. Her family doesn’t agree. They’re saying she didn’t die of an overdose; she was beaten to death. In the late 1990s, Jamie Cail was one of the stars of the US […]

CA Suing Schools for Communicating With Parents

( – California is known for its so-called sanctuary cities — liberal municipalities offering illegal migrants refuge from federal authorities. The state’s Democratic attorney general recently extended that principle to aspiring LGBTQ+ children by suing schools for communicating with their parents. On August 20, the Golden State’s top law enforcement official, Attorney General Rob Bonta, […]

Not a Good Sign: Zillow Offering 1% Downpayment Loans

( – This isn’t a good time to be buying a new home. With interest rates rising fast, mortgages are suddenly a lot more expensive than we’ve been used to. Now a major real estate marketplace says it’s going to ease the burden by offering mortgages with just a 1% down payment. A lot of […]

What Didn’t Burn in Lahaina?

( – Theories abound in the wake of disasters, natural and otherwise. The recent wildfires in Hawaii are no exception to that rule. Fact-checking organizations have already debunked one claiming space lasers caused the horrific tragedy. However, a recent claim regarding items that didn’t burn in Lahaina is worth mentioning and discussing. Here’s what we […]

Major Outage Strands Wells Fargo Bank Customers

( – Many Wells Fargo customers were left stuck last week after their cards and apps stopped working. The bank says it’s now resolved “technical issues” that caused the problems. However, some customers are now talking about moving to a different bank. Late on August 24, some Wells Fargo customers started experiencing problems. These ranged […]

Police Union Responds as SF Bakery Bans Armed Officers

( – Law enforcement officials strive to protect and serve the citizens of their communities nationwide. The country’s various police unions operate to preserve the interests of those officers. A recent clash across two social media sites highlighted the struggle between armed officers and a local business banning weapons in their facilities. On August 24, […]

Marines Set to Make Iron Dome Battery Purchase from Israel

( – The United States Marine Corps has announced it plans to buy three batteries of Israel’s Iron Dome air defense missiles. The US Army already operates the system — but there are problems with it. Critics point out that it can’t integrate with the US Army’s existing air defense network. Iron Dome is an […]

Mark Cuban Shakes Up Drug Industry — Again

( – Business investor and Dallas Mavericks co-owner Mark Cuban and radiologist Alex Oshmyansky, MD, PhD, founded Cost Plus Drugs in early 2022. The Texas-based public benefit corporation manufactures generic drugs. Individuals can purchase medication through its accredited pharmacists and save money by cutting wholesalers out of the sales chain. Cuban and his partner recently […]

Fired Ukraine Prosecutor Claims Biden Was Bribed

( – In a new blow to President Joe Biden, a former Ukrainian prosecutor fired for refusing to investigate a company linked to Biden’s son, says the then-vice president was BRIBED. He believes Biden pressured Ukraine’s government to get him out of the way. Now he’s accusing the US leader of corruption. In April 2014, […]

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