RFK Jr Says Biden Is Trying To Shut His Campaign Down

(RepublicanJournal.org) – The Democratic National Convention (DNC) appears to be working to game its own system in an effort to keep President Joe Biden in office. Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) Jr., who is campaigning for his shot in the primaries, is calling out both on what he sees as attempts to shut him down and defying the will of the American voters. He alleges the party has already chosen its candidate and has delegates ready to vote for Biden regardless of the popular vote in each state.

Kennedy’s campaign issued a press release on Friday, September 8, alleging the DNC’s decision to reorganize its primaries was just the tip of the iceberg in a ploy to bypass the electoral process. In it, campaign manager Dennis Kucinich noted the party was pushing to change the state voting order, punishing states where Biden performed the worst in 2020 by pushing back their place in the queue.

Iowa, which placed Biden in fourth place during the last caucus, lost its early voting privileges altogether, with South Carolina now first in the lineup. New Hampshire, which voted on February 11 last time, has been moved to February 6, but it must share that date with Nevada, which held its 2020 caucus on February 22. The changes would also restrict millions of voters strictly to mail-in ballots.

The Miami Herald explains that the results of early primaries often affect later voting in other states, so keeping with a schedule that starts Biden off poorly would likely affect his standing throughout the rest of the 2020 vote. Given that Kennedy currently only has 11.7% of the projected vote, an outcome favoring him could be especially damaging because it might reflect a lack of solidarity among Democratic voters.

The biggest issue Kucinich raises, however, is his allegation that the DNC has pledged delegates, or individuals who are determined to give their votes to Biden regardless of their states’ popular winners. Coupled with the president’s refusal to engage in any primary debates, the longshot candidate claims the decision deprives voters of having any chance at making an informed choice — if their votes even count at all.

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