RFK Jr. Interviewed by Tucker Carlson

(RepublicanJournal.org) – So far, President Joe Biden looks likely to pick up the Democratic nomination for next year’s presidential election. His only real rival at the moment is Robert F. Kennedy Jr, RFK, but the challenger’s initial strong support seems to be fading. He recently spoke to Tucker Carlson about current politics and his family history, especially the 1963 assassination of his famous uncle, President John F. Kennedy. Will this revive his flagging campaign?

RFK Jr Explains Ukraine

On August 14, RFK Jr, an environmental lawyer and conspiracy theorist who hopes to replace President Biden next year, appeared on ex-Fox host Tucker Carlson’s new “Tucker on Twitter” show. Carlson introduced the episode by urging anyone who wanted to understand the war in Ukraine, or who was curious about the killing of President Kennedy, to watch. Kennedy didn’t disappoint — he covered those topics in great detail.

According to RFK Jr, the US public has been “lied to from the beginning” about Ukraine. He explained that “the neocons in the White House” have wanted NATO to get involved in Ukraine since 2001, despite the alliance’s eastward expansion annoying Russia. Kennedy went on to warn that if you want to understand a conflict, you need to know what both sides are thinking — and, in the case of Ukraine, that includes Russia. However, he said, President Biden has always backed America’s involvement in foreign wars.

Who Shot JFK?

When RFK Jr was nine years old, his uncle, President John F Kennedy, died in a hail of gunfire in Dallas, Texas. Renegade ex-Marine Lee Harvey Oswald was officially blamed for the shooting, but 60 years later, many people still don’t accept that explanation. For someone who wants to be the next President Kennedy, the possibility that the US government’s own intelligence agency was involved in the assassination of the last one has some obvious relevance. RFK Jr believes it was.

Kennedy told Carlson CIA officers working out of Miami, which “was basically… the Cuban station,” were “clearly involved” in the killing of JFK. He named CIA legend William King Harvey as one of those officers, along with David Atlee Phillips, who he claimed was Oswald’s CIA handler. According to RFK Jr, many in the CIA were angry at JFK’s policies towards the communist Cuban regime and his good relations with Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev.

RFK Jr’s campaign got off to a strong start, but now seems to be running out of steam. In April, 20% of likely Democrat voters backed him; now that’s down to 13%. The question is, will his comments on Ukraine and the death of his uncle win him new backers, or are Americans looking for a candidate who will deal with the problems facing them now?

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